Partly Cloudy

Your infographic weather
companion for iPhone

The Infoviz Weather App

Partly Cloudy’s unique clock visualization will show you a weather forecast unlike anything you’ve ever seen before—in a completely intuitive way!

Sunny? Rainy?

Current, hourly, and 7-day forecast (numeric and pictorial)

  • temperature
  • high/low temperatures
  • wind force (Beaufort)
  • amount of precipitation (rain, snow, …)
  • weather situation (sunny, rainy, partly cloudy, …)

Information Beauty

Partly Cloudy is gorgeous—it was custom designed by the same successful and award-winning infographics team that brought you the marvellous Virtual Water app.

Stunning simplicity, paired with meaningful and rich data, gives you all the weather info you need at a glance.

Nice Typography

We think typography is the foundation of great graphic design. That’s why we hand-picked Helsinki™ by award-winning type designer Ludwig Übele to give Partly Cloudy its bold, sturdy look.

Easy to use

You don’t want to waste your time “navigating” a thermometer. That’s why Partly Cloudy is as easy as its analog counterpart: one look and you know what’s going on.

Turn the clock hand to jump into the future. Want to know how warm it will be tonight? Check. Tomorrow? Check. Even a 7-day forecast is provided for most locations.

Optional Dark Theme

Change the look of the Partly Cloudy app completeley by activating the Dark Theme (a.k.a. Night Mode). The dark background helps the infographic temperature ring to really stand out – definitely the most stunning way to display weather yet.
Available as in-app purchase.


The app is now available in English, German and Japanese.

In the Press:

Cool Hunting

»In a world where it seems to be raining new weather apps, it’s crucial for users to be able to choose between those that are tailored toward designers versus meteorologists. We’re happy to have found one that caters to both.«

In the Press:

Cult of Mac

»It’s a really neat app that maintains minimalist design without compromising on the amount of data display.«

In the Press:

Beautiful Pixels

»Partly Cloudy — A Refreshingly Sophisticated Weather Infographic«


We are proud to be the winner of the People’s Lovie Award and of Bronze for Utilities & Services in the 2nd Annual Lovie Awards.

Switch between multiple locations—worldwide!

What’s on the screen?

Made in Germany by


Jana Kühl, Nancy-Michelle Pompetzki, Tobias Ottenweller, Frank Rausch, Timm Kekeritz


Helsinki™ by Ludwig Übele

Weather data provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Open Weather Map project.

Enhanced by geographical database